dinsdag 30 januari 2024

NPO/Human Medialogic documentary: "The battle for transgender care" is now available with English subtitles (2021)

Argos Medialogica Battle for Transgender Care

In Dutch with English subtitles here

Last summer, the transgender community protested against the problems in Dutch transgender care. Activists are given space in the media to express their concerns and grievances about this. They argue for a fundamentally different design of healthcare. But according to critics, there is little room in the Dutch media for possible downsides or trade-offs within this theme.

Argos Medialogica decided to investigate transgender care following an opinion piece in the NRC Handelsblad. Media sociologist Peter Vasterman argued that journalism does not report broadly and critically enough, for example about the possible role of social influences in young people's choice to transition. A discussion that, according to Vasterman, is being held abroad, but receives little attention in the Netherlands.

According to trans activists, the media spread trans hatred by paying attention to these critical questions. To what extent does this mean that as a journalist you should not publish about it? Shouldn't a scientist do research into it? Medialogic delves into the transgender dossier and investigates whether there is indeed more going on in transgender care than we see and hear in the Dutch press. And whether an open discussion about this is actually possible.

Documentary makers: Myrthe Buitenhuis and Martine Braam

Sunday, December 26 at 9:49 PM on NPO 2

In Dutch with English subtitles here